Safety pin brooch

Enhance your outfit with a unique and stylish safety pin brooch. Find inspiration for creating a trendy and fashionable look with these top ideas for accessorizing.
Make a cool, edgy bracelet in a few minutes, just from safety pins. Safety Pin Bracelet Diy, Safety Pin Diy, Safety Pin Crafts, Safety Pin Brooch, Safety Pins, Safety Pin Earrings Diy, Safety Pin Jewelry Patterns, Safety Pin Jewelry Diy, Safety Pin Projects

I have been crafty pretty much since birth. I’ve mentioned before that my mother is an amazing seamstress, so I think it’s in my blood, because I grew up loving to make things. One of my earliest craft-related memories is making a disco ball with my sister out of a styrofoam ball, pins and silver...Read the Post

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Today's post is showing you how easy it is to make your own safety pin brooches. My dear friend from recently made some of these which then inspired me to have a go too! Below is a photograph of the ones that she made - she also sells them online too! Requirements: Safety Pins Beads Pliers (I used normal ones, but craft ones would be better!) Something to wrap the pin around, screwdriver or metal tubing) Step 1: Unravel the safety pin using pliers or something else…

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Sanrio Themed Safety Pin Charms ✨ Available in 6 different styles ✨ Details: 2in safety pin 💖 Sanrio Sticker Freebie Included 💖 * charms are hand drawn, cut, shrunk, and coated with resin front and back * These adorable safety pins make for great little gifts and or keepsakes to stylize on your outfits if it’s your face mask, denim jacket, back pack, beanie, basically anything you can stick a pin through so let your creativity go wild! As all my products they are handmade with all the love…