Sable german shepherd

Discover the beauty and elegance of sable German Shepherd dogs. Find out more about their unique coat color and temperament. Adopt a sable German Shepherd and experience the love and loyalty they bring to your family.
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There's no denying that puppies grow too fast! When you see them every day, you might not realize just how much they’ve changed! We’ve created a post full of beautiful before-and-after photos of German Shepherds growing up. It's impossible to look at them without saying 'aww'. 1) 2.5 months vs 6 months jadethesablegsd 2) 9 weeks vs 17 weeks autumn.gsd 3) 8 weeks vs 16 weeks gsd.kyser 4) 8 weeks vs 1 year k9k.o._gsd 5) 9 weeks vs 22 weeks tuscanbear 6) 10 weeks vs 6 months gsd_kingkobe 7) 10…

Stephy Stubbs