Rye flour

Explore a variety of delicious recipes that feature rye flour. From breads to desserts, discover how this versatile ingredient can elevate your culinary creations.
On a dark background, slices cut from a round loaf of light rye bread lean back against the rest of the uncut loaf. The top of the loaf is sprinkled with rye flakes. Muffin, Desserts, Biscuits, Multigrain Bread Recipe, No Knead Rye Bread Recipe, Rye Flour, Wheat Bread Recipe, Sourdough Rye Bread, Wheat Flour

A tasty, nutritious loaf with a subtle tang of rye, plus the goodness of wholemeal wheat flour and lightness from white bread flour. A healthy everyday bread for sandwiches, toast, or to eat alongside soups and salad.For more rye flavour, just replace some of the wholemeal or white wheat flour with wholemeal rye. Or try my Dark Rye Bread.

Susan W