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Enhance your running experience with the best running gels. Fuel your body and achieve your goals with these top-rated energy boosters.
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RUNNING IS SIMPLE RIGHT? YOU JUST GET UP AND GO! RIGHT? KIND OF. Yes, running is relatively simple and YES, we were born to run. But running regularly or training for races like half marathons or marathons can complicate things! From all the tech and gear, training plans, and training philosop

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Are Running Gels Bad For You. Running gels are not bad for you as they are mainly a mixture of fructose, salt, and caffeine. However, if you don't drink enough fluid with your gels, some of them may cause gastrointestinal (GI) irritation. This is because the chemical composition of those gels is not aligned with promoting gastric emptying. Also, during running the blood flow is more directed towards your more active organs rather than your stomach. This complicates the situation as your…

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