Running before after results

Discover the incredible before and after results of running and get motivated to start your own fitness journey. See how running can transform your body and improve your overall health and well-being.
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Take this post with a grain of salt. I followed Whole30 with probably about 90 percent strictness and suffered a running injury partway through. That said, I did experience some stellar stuff in th…

Megan Jacob
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Nothing makes me happier when I hear back from people who participate in my 21 Day Fix Challenge Groups and it changes their lives. Nerissa came to me last year because had recently had her second daughter and was finding it hard to eat healthy and workout consistently (this is a story I hear a […]

Terri Manning
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Why am I so bad at running? There could be many reasons: not warming up, setting off too fast or not running regularly are the main causes. Learn how to run for beginners and read more running for beginners tips. Find out how to improve your running and become a better runner.

Alyssa S.