Ruined city

Uncover the secrets of a once-thriving city now in ruins. Discover the history, architecture, and stories that make this place both fascinating and haunting.
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a girl with a cracked brain but immense adoration fell for the looks of her brothers best friend, and after knowing him she wasn't sure whether she just fell for his looks or him "Not every story needs a villain" -The season I met you under editing for the mistakes but wont disturb you while reading, happy reading :) Started:14/8/2020 Ended:24/03/2021 epilogue:5/05/2021 highest Rankings: No 1 #shimjaeyoon No 1 #jake No 1 #ilandjake No 1 #simjaeyoon No 1 #enhypenniki No 1 #enhypenjake No 1…

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