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Portrait by Arthur Trevethin Nowell, 1927. During her time, Queen Mary - the consort of George V, grandmother of the present queen - oversaw a great wealth of jewelry being added to the already brimming royal coffers of the United Kingdom. Both in the collection of "crown jewels", and those held in private possession of the Windsor ladies. Many pieces were new-made, other were redesigns of earlier pieces. And she also purchased important pieces from those royals who had not fared so well…

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In them we can trace the history of love—Nicholas and Alexandra as betrothed, then as husband and wife, and then with their firstborn child. Finally we see them all—as we see them depicted on icons.

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Louis, the Grand Duke of Hesse is seated, surrounded by his family. He wears the uniform of an officer in the Hessian contingent of the Prussian army, decorated with the star of the Garter and the Iron Cross. His wife Alice (the Grand Duchess, Queen Victoria’s second daughter) is seated beside him with Prince Frederick on her lap. Princess Victoria stands to the left and Prince Ernest leans against his mother, holding his hat, and looking out at the viewer.Prince Louis of Hesse, son of Charles,. Grand Duke, Darmstadt, Vintage, Victoria, Queen Victoria, Prince Frederick, Royal Family Portrait, Queen Victoria Prince Albert, Queen Victoria Family

Christian Karl August Noack (1822-1905) executed more than one thousand portraits throughout his career, with sitters ranging from a loyal page boy (RCIN 403652) to royal patrons. Having studied at the Dusseldorf and Antwerp Academies, Noack travelled throughout France, Italy and the Netherlands producing a plethora of portraits in addition to landscapes, biblical and historical subjects. Noack eventually returned to Darmstadt where he became court painter to the Duchy of Hesse and professor…

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