Roman kings

Explore the captivating history of Roman kings and their remarkable reigns. Discover the legends, achievements, and controversies surrounding these influential rulers.
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Virtual Mythos™ on Instagram: William the Conqueror, born in Normandy in 1028, was a formidable leader. In 1066, he embarked on a daring invasion of England, defeating King Harold II at the Battle of Hastings. With this victory, he became the first Norman King of England, forever changing the course of history. His reign laid the foundation for the medieval English monarchy and left an indelible mark on the nation.#williamtheconqueror #britishmonarchy #englishheritage #history #england #uk…

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Our Vision Welcome! We are excited to start the first project to make history more accessible. Currently, history can feel stuffy and highly academic. Not something everyone can relate to. We want to make all aspects of history as easy and accessible to digest as possible. We at AHH are looking to produce bite size