Road safety games

Teach your kids about road safety while they have fun playing interactive games. Explore our top road safety game ideas that will help your child develop important safety skills.
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Games for kids- road safety and traffic lights

Road safety games for kids are a great way to teach them how to behave on real world roads. But this traffic light game will not only help your child develop awareness of road safety- they’ll also be developing gross motor skills, spatial awareness and language skills.

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16 Road safety rules and traffic signs for kids

Traffic signs and road safety rules are very important for kids 1. Know your traffic signals 2. Keep to your left 3. Only walk on pavement 4. Cross on Zebra crossing

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"Stop Look & Listen" Safety Poster

1 page. "Stop Look & Listen" safety poster. 1 page "Stop Look & Listen" safety poster. This FREEBIE is part of my comprehensive "Bus Safety With a Pigeon" packet in my TpT shop. For your convenience, I've included a PREVIEW of that packet with this free pos...

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