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8 Reasons Horselessness Can Be Rad | HORSE NATION

Losing a horse is hard, no matter what the circumstances. However, there are some upsides to being horseless. After a series of unfortunate events just over two years ago, I found myself without a horse. While I couldn’t bear to get another equine friend, I couldn’t not ride either. More commitment-phobic than Julia Roberts’s Maggie...

Izu Miya
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Julien-Pier Belanger/Unsplash, CC BY By Jonathan L. Zecher, Australian Catholic University With some communities in rebooted lockdown conditions and movement restricted everywhere else, no one is posting pictures of their sourdough. Zoom cocktail parties have lost their novelty, Netflix can only release so many new series. The news seems worse every day, yet we compulsively scroll

Rahul Rudra