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Rhubarb Pudding Cake (Plus 9 More Yummy Rhubarb Recipes)

36 · 55 minutes · This rhubarb pudding cake recipe is easy to make using fresh or frozen rhubarb. A simple hot water trick allows the cake to make its own sauce while baking.

11 ingredients

  • 2 cups Rhubarb
Baking & Spices
  • 1/2 tsp Almond extract
  • 1 tsp Baking powder
  • 1 tbsp Cornstarch
  • 1 cup Flour
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • 1 3/4 cup Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 3 tbsp Butter
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • 2/3 cup Water
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Rhubarb Curd

31 · 25 minutes · Rhubarb Curd is a silky sweet/tart spread with the unforgettable flavor of spring rhubarb.  Spread it on toast, scones, biscuits, or just eat it out of the jar with a spoon!

7 ingredients

  • 1 Lemon, juice of
  • 25 3/4 oz Rhubarb, fresh
  • 4 Eggs, large
Baking & Spices
  • 1 drops Pink food coloring
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 2 tbsp Butter, unsalted
  • 1/4 cup Water
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Rhubarb Cheesecake Squares

When rhubarb season arrives everyone knows it. Rhubarb shows up everywhere because it just keeps growing and growing and growing! Not that we're complaining. Rhubarb is an amazing ingredients in soooo many things. Throw it in with some strawberries or blueberries and the flavor of whatever you are making just gets better. These cheesecake squares can be whipped up in about an hour from start to finish and will make you all sorts of new friends. People cannot get enough of them! And by "people" I mean me. I may have eaten more than one..... quality control, you understand. But seriously, be prepared to make more than one pan of these! Rhubarb Cheesecake Squares Ingredients Rhubarb Layer 5 cups chopped rhubarb 3/4 cup sugar 1 Tbsp water 3 tsp cornstarch Cheesecake Layer 2 - 8 oz bricks of cream cheese (16 oz total), room temp 1/2 cup icing sugar 1 egg Crust/Crumb Layers 1 cup butter 1 3/4 cup flour 1 cup oats 3/4 cup brown sugar pinch salt 1/2 cup chopped walnuts Directions Preheat oven to 350. Line a 9 X 13 pan with parchment paper, set aside. Prepare rhubarb layer - cook rhubarb, sugar, and water. Simmer for 8 minutes over medium heat. Add in the cornstarch and cook 2 more minutes. Set aside to cool. Prepare cheesecake layer - Beat together the cream cheese, icing sugar, and egg until smooth. Set aside. Prepare crust/crumb layer - Crumble together butter, flour, oats, brown sugar, and salt. Add half of this mixture to the prepared pan and press firmly. Add the walnuts to the remaining half and set aside. Assemble square: Scoop cheesecake mixture by the spoonful on top of the crust and spread with a spoon, being careful not to disturb the crust layer too much. Spread the rhubarb mixture on top of the cheesecake. Lastly, crumble on the remaining crust/crumb mixture evenly over the top. Lightly press down. Bake in 350 oven until topping is golden brown and cheesecake is set - about 30 minutes. Cool completely before slicing. Store in fridge. Love cheesecake but not the time involved to make it? Give this a try. All the tastiness of cheesecake but in a fraction of the time. Plus... rhubarb and crumbly bits.... you've got nothing to lose here. FYI - If you are a little shy of 5 cups of rhubarb you can make up the difference with strawberries!

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Rhubarb Jelly

15 · Rhubarb jelly captures the taste of the spring rhubarb harvest in a jelly for year-round enjoyment.

9 ingredients

  • 8 cups Pieplant, juice
  • 2 lbs Rhubarb
Baking & Spices
  • 1 3/4 oz 1 box sure jel pectin
  • 1 6 tbsp Ball Classic pectin, Powder
  • 5 tsp Pomona's pectin, Powder
  • 2 Pouches liquid pectin
  • 6 1/2 cups Sugar
  • 2 tsp Calcium water
  • 4 cups Water
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How to Cook Rhubarb

Creative rhubarb recipes can be hard to find, and you really only need so many strawberry rhubarb pies in a season. We harvest it by the wheelbarrow load each spring, and we're always on the

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Toasted Marshmallow and Rhubarb Cake

This beauty is the newest addition to my repertoire and I couldn’t be more excited about it. It is splendidly celebratory, but not dauntingly difficult. You need a bit of elbow grease and a blow torch, but making it feels more like play than work to me; I can’t tell you how much I enjoy teasing out the snowy spikes of marshmallow-meringue and then scorching them. (And I thank Stella Parks, whose enthralling ‘Bravetart: Iconic American Desserts’ provided the original inspiration for the marshmallow icing.) You do need to be prepared to whisk the whites until truly thick, but I give timings below and it’s not as if I’m asking you to whisk them, at this stage, by hand. The yolks are used to make two tender and celestially light sponges, and the rhubarb that goes between them provides its emphatic tang. I also think lemon curd and sharp raspberries would make a wonderful filling, but that’s for another day. For now, I simply can’t stop making this. For US cup measures, use the toggle at the top of the ingredients list.

14 ingredients

  • 500 g Forced rhubarb
  • 1 Unwaxed lemon
  • 6 Egg whites from eggs above
  • 6 Eggs, large
Baking & Spices
  • 2 tsp Baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of soda
  • 600 g Castor sugar
  • 25 g Cornflour
  • 1/2 tsp Cream of tartar
  • 100 g Plain flour
  • 1/2 tsp Sea salt, fine
  • 2 tsp Vanilla extract
Oils & Vinegars
  • 150 Millilitres vegetable oil
  • 100 Millilitres full fat milk
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Rhubarb Impossible Pie, so easy and delicious!!

This Rhubarb Impossible Pie is so easy as most of the ingredients you put in a blender and blend and then pour over the rhubarb just like any other impossible pie recipe! #rhubarb #impossiblepie

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Rhubarb Custard Pie

288 · 60 minutes · Rhubarb Custard Pie is a decadent dessert recipe perfect for a sweet summer treat. A flaky pie crust is filled with a rich egg custard and tart rhubarb for a classic pie you will adore!

7 ingredients

  • 3 cup Rhubarb
  • 3 Eggs
Baking & Spices
  • 3 tbsp Flour
  • 1 1/4 cup Granulated sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
Bread & Baked Goods
  • 1 Unbaked pie shell
  • 1 cup Heavy whipping cream
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How to Make the Absolute Best Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

If you've never cooked with rhubarb before, this is the perfect place to start.

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Easy Stewed Rhubarb

Easy Stewed Rhubarb. This 3 ingredient stewed rhubarb is easy to make and is ready in minutes, making it a wonderful last minute dessert. It's great served over vanilla ice cream, on pancakes or on it's own!

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