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ArtSkills® Epoxy Resin Creations Kit with Molds Resin, Diy, Piecings, Fotografie, Kit, Etsy, Epoxy, Cool Diy Projects, Resin Art

This resin kit comes with 8 fl. oz. of casting resin and 8 fl. oz. of resin hardener. Along with casting resin and resin hardener, this kit includes silicone molds, tweezers, a spoon, reusable pouring cups, mixing sticks, and disposable gloves. To make your own resin creation, add equal amounts of resin A (casting resin) and resin B (resin hardener) to separate mixing cups for a 1:1 ratio. Combine solutions in a separate container. Add any dyes, mica powders, glitter, or other mix-ins at…

Wendy Jones