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Explore a collection of jaw-dropping real Bigfoot pictures that provide undeniable evidence of the elusive creature's existence. Witness the astonishing images and join the search for the legendary Bigfoot.
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Top 5 Best BIGFOOT Sightings of All Time - video Dailymotion

Top 5 Best BIGFOOT Sightings of All Time These scary mysterious photos maybe shouldn't exist! ..Sasquatches are real! These legendary monsters live in forests and these are the best evidence ever! Nobody can explain these pictures and for the bigfoot believers they are really stunning! I think that many of you will believe in Sasquatches after this video! The 1st photo was taken in Romania. It's so creepy... it happened near Bucharest.. in a small forest near the town... Roman and…

Ann Brown Jones
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Best picture of Bigfoot ever taken in Alberta, Canada in August 2012 - lightened up to bring out detail - Altered Dimensions Paranormal

In August of 2012, a game trapper in Alberta obtained the above image of Bigfoot from a trail camera. Many think it’s the best (clearest) image of Bigfoot since the famous Patterson-Gimlin film. The authenticity of the film was vouched for by a friend of the trapper, “Penney”.

Andrew Stubbs

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