Rainforest trees

Explore the enchanting world of rainforest trees and marvel at their beauty. Find inspiration and learn about the importance of these majestic trees in our ecosystem.
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Tropical rainforest - Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Canopy: Tropical rainforests are distinguished not only by a remarkable richness of biota but also by the complexity of the interrelationships of all the plant and animal inhabitants that have been evolving together throughout many millions of years. As in all ecosystems, but particularly in the complex tropical rainforest community, the removal of one species threatens the survival of others with which it interacts. Some interactions are…

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Occupying much of Brazil and Peru, and also parts of Guyana, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Suriname, French Guiana, and Venezuela, the Amazon River Basin is the world’s largest drainage system. The Amazon Basin supports the world’s largest rainforest, which accounts for more than half the total volume of rainforests in the world.

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A liana is any of various long-stemmed, woody vines that are rooted in the soil at ground level and use trees to climb up to the canopy to get access to well-lit areas of the forest. The picture is from Lamington National Park, part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, the most extensive area of subtropical rainforest in the world. The Gondwana Rainforests are so-named because the fossil record indicates that when Gondwana existed it was covered by rainforests containing the same kinds…

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