Railroad spikes

Discover unique and creative ways to repurpose railroad spikes in DIY projects and crafts. Get inspired and start creating with these innovative ideas!
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Things People Make From Railroad Spikes | ehow.com

Railroad spikes are grade A material for crafty metal workers who shape these discarded shards of American history into shiny new tools. Spikes are sometimes collected illegally near defunct rail lines in places such as abandoned mining and ghost towns, and can be bought at flea markets and online.

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Railroad Spike Bottle Opener

Railroad Spike Bottle Opener (that Does Not Bend the Caps): Bottle openers are considered a simple machine, a class 2 lever. So here is a simple, railroad spike bottle opener. I've also noticed that this bottle opener does not bend the cap .Which is nice if you have plans to mak…

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How To Clean Rusty Railroad Spikes – Cheap and Easy - Train Conductor HQ

Probably one of the most common things to do as soon as you get some railroad spikes is cleaning them of rust. Whatever you’re planning to do with them, changes are high that you’ll need them clean. So let’s get to it! How to Clean Railroad Spikes? As I mentioned above, this process has to

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