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Stay warm and fashionable this winter with our collection of cozy and stylish rabbit fur accessories. Explore top ideas to elevate your winter wardrobe and add a touch of luxury to your outfits.
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About this item Color: NATURAL COLOR Each skin is left in its natural color and is not dyed. Because of this pelts can vary slightly in color, but all will be near in appearance to the pelt you see pictured. Material :ECO-FRIENDLY Because this product is made from natural rabbit fur, not faux fur it is 100% biodegradable and a true environmentally-friendly fabric. Size: This natural Tan rabbit pelt measures approximately 10" by 12" and is sewing grade quality. Usage :Pefect Fur for Crafts…

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These rabbit skins are soft and supple making them easy to work with for all of your crafting needs Variety: Each pack has a variety of colors. Random assortment of colors, may include any of the following - Dark Grey, Natural Hare Brown, Chinchilla, Fawn, or Straw Yellow. Quality: Sewing quality leather for crafts, gifts, and clothing. Size: Skins range in size 15"-18" in length and 12"-15"" in width. RESPONSIBLY SOURCED: All of our rabbits are the by-product of the food industry in Spain…

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How to Make a Fur Trapper Hat: Winter's here, and there is nothing better for keeping warm than a trapper hat. This rural favorite seems to be following the likes of plaid shirts and PBR for a surge in hipster popularity, but hipness factor aside I just love this hat! It keeps …

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