Quitting social media

Discover the benefits of quitting social media and reclaim your time, focus, and mental well-being. Take control of your digital life and experience a happier, more fulfilling existence without social media.
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Last month, I quit social media for 30 days. I deleted Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from my phone and computer and signed out for the month. Here’s what happened and what I learned. Would love to know what you've tried and what's worked for you.

Shelbi Bingham
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I guess this post is about how social media disconnects us. Let the rant begin. I thought these were supposed to be sites that brought people together. I thought I would be able to communicate with people I normally would never meet: the person in Germany or Australia or someplace in Africa who likes coffee as much as I do or who can tell me about their school, church, or job. I didn't think it was going to be a place where I got to watch friends and family discuss so much useless crap while…

Amanda Parisi
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Navigate the world of social media with confidence and peace of mind. Protect your privacy, identity,and personal information with our expert tips and tricks for safe social media usage. Learn how to spot and avoid online scams, secure your accounts, and maintain a positive online reputation. This board is your go-to resource for staying safe while enjoying all the benefits of social media platforms. Empower yourself with knowledge and make your social media experience a secure and enjoyable…

Roberta Cipollone