Quiet time boxes

Discover creative and engaging quiet time boxes for kids that promote independent play and learning. Keep your little ones entertained and give yourself some peaceful moments with these fun ideas.
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Adding a little update! This post about Quiet Time Boxes has become a very popular one over the years. Since so many of us are home this year with our little ones and can use all the "quiet time" help we can get... I'm adding a few NEW favorites for quiet time boxes. ALSO, visit our Simple Preschool At Home post and follow along for weekly ideas to add to your quiet time boxes (that will go with the week's theme!).

Shannon Calbert

Did you catch the first week of quiet boxes I shared? If not, you can see them right here, This Week's Quiet Boxes. As promised, here is our next week of quiet boxes. As always, these boxes are very, very simple. They are calming, quiet activities, ideas for letting little ones relax and slow down,

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Inside: Has your 3 year old stopped napping? I feel you, mama. Today I’ll show you how to establish a quiet time routine using a quiet time bin. These bins are life-changing. Who’s on the struggle bus with naptime today? Or just trying to get a minute or 10 to yourself? When your toddler refuses to nap, or you’re just unable to complete a simple

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