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Break the ice and get to know someone better with these flirty Snapchat questions. Start a fun and exciting conversation that will leave a lasting impression.
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Every guy should know a handful of good questions to ask a girl... because: Whether you're making small talk at work or trying to charm your crush, talking to girls can be a little intimidating. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. With these questions to ask in mind, you can navigate any social situation with ease. Be confident, charming, and friendly, and you'll find that once you get a conversation started, keeping it going is a breeze. Try not to overthink it. Even if you're talking to…

Jesse Skinner
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If you're looking for weird questions to ask, look no further! Making good conversation doesn't always mean you have to come up with funny jokes or compelling stories. Sometimes, the best conversations stem from the weirder things too. I know you need some questions to ask, and that's why I'm here. Being quite the expert when it comes to funny conversation starters, trust me when I say that you need these weird questions to ask people. The next time you need some riveting things to talk…