Questions for your crush

Get to know your crush better with these intriguing questions. Start a conversation and uncover common interests with your crush today.
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When thinking of flirty questions to ask your crush, it's always super useful to get a few ideas that you can take inspiration from. This makes it easy to think of interesting and cheeky questions that your crush can answer. When speaking to someone of another gender, it can be hard to know the best questions to ask. This is why it's often helpful to browse through different types of approaches so that you can choose the type of question that your crush will respond to the best. Take a look…

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When chatting with someone you like, you have probably wondered about the best questions to ask your crush. Asking questions is always a great idea because it encourages the other person to talk about themselves, but what are the most effective questions to ask? Everybody wonders how to talk to girls because, at times, it can seem really difficult. The great thing is that once you know some awesome questions to ask a girl you like, you'll find talking to your crush so much easier. Take a…

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It can be hard to come up with questions to ask your crush especially if they’re cute and you’re feeling nervous about talking to them. So we decided to compile a useful list of questions for you to choose from. People have different interests and personalities so that’s why we’ve broken the list down into separate sections.

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