Queen ii

Explore the iconic album Queen II and dive into the music, lyrics, and history of this legendary band. Discover the hidden gems and fan favorites that make Queen II a must-listen for any music enthusiast.
Queen II by Mick Rock.  Photographer known for his album covers and portraits of bands and artists. Soundtrack, Films, Beatles, Music Videos, Songs, Music, Humour, Musica, The Voice

Ogre Battle Faa fa fa fa fa Fa fa fa fa faa Now once upon a time - an old man told me a fable When the piper is gone - and the soup is cold on your table And if the black crow flies to find a new destination That is the sign Come tonight Come to the ogre sight Come to the ogre-battle-fight He gives a great big cry and he can swallow up the ocean With a mighty tongue he catches flies - the palm of a hand incredible size One great big eye - has a focus in your direction Now the battle is on…

Stephanie Bessette
Queen – Snap Galleries Limited

Mick Rock Legendary rock photographer Mick Rock is often referred to as ‘The Man Who Shot the Seventies’, for his iconic images of Syd Barrett, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Queen, the Sex Pistols, The Ramones and Blondie. Mick has created many key rock ‘n’ roll images, including the

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