Quartz geode

Enhance your home decor with the beauty of quartz geodes. Explore stunning ideas to incorporate these natural wonders into your living space and create a mesmerizing ambiance.
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Stunning White Quartz Geode Moroccan Crystal Geode Cracked Open YOU CHOOSE - Etsy

Beautiful Quartz Geodes that look the best in lighting or sunlight. Very flashy and shiny. Healing meanings: Cleanses your mental and emotional well-being and your living space as well. Enhances your wisdom and growth. Inspires creativity. Description: 1 - (X-Small) 81.5by77cm 8oz 2 - (X-Small, Pair of #1) 82by81cm 9.3oz 3 - (Small, Higher Quality) 95.5by81.5cm 7.68oz 4 - (Small, Pair of #3) 97by94.5cm 9.92oz 5 - (Medium) 118by81cm 10.56oz 6 - (Medium, Pair of #5) 118by87cm 14.4oz 7…

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Room-by-room guide to using crystals in your home

There’s no denying that crystals have become a popular décor piece in interior styling but there’s more to crystals than just their outer beauty. Every crystal possesses unique properties — from healing crystals, to love crystals and even protection crystals. So whether you’re drawn to crystals for their beauty or for their energy and want ...

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