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Elevate your film and theater productions with creative prop design ideas. Explore unique ways to bring your stories to life and captivate your audience with the perfect props.
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В мире, где люди захламили планету мусором и барахлом, где не осталось и клочка чистой и первобытной природы, до сих пор есть место волшебству. Юный ученик школы магии и чародейства с факультета трансфигурации собирает бесполезный хлам и делает из него много забавных и иногда даже полезных вещей. В этом мире это довольно престижная профессия - ведь хлама так много, а делать с ним особо нечего.

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Based on Anime "Made in Abyss", Valley of Gratia is a blessed village within the perilous Abyss, where the ancestors established a settlement near the blessed water source, providing a safe haven for residents and a resting and resupply point for explorers venturing down to the Abyss. These pages shows buildings people live in and props they use at Valley of Gratia.

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Made at Artside Game Art School. The House design is inspired by the visuals of the game Darksburg by Shiro Games. Thanks to Jeremy Vitry, Camille Peyrebere, Lise Elsoght and Philemon Belhomme for the feedbacks :)

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Inspired by pictures of antique secretary desks as well as the stylized furniture in JRPG games, I decided to design an art nouveau styled desk for an innkeeper. It has a neat organization system for mail, documents and keys, and even a writing space for paperwork. The glass bottle? It's water! ..... Probably.

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