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Plan a memorable and inspiring priesthood preview event with these creative ideas. Help young men prepare for this important milestone and make it a special experience.
Happy Clean Living: Priesthood Preview ideas and Welcome to Y/W Ideas.

I found the following information helpful in conducting a 12 year old Primary graduation interview. This would also be a helpful if you are in Young Women's or Young Men's in welcoming a 12 year old into the program. From the June 2006 Friend, there is a great article called: "Welcome to the Aaronic Priesthood and Young Men". This would also help with the Priesthood Preview too: Here is the article from the PDF version of the June 2006 Friend pages 46 - 48 here: Also when I have been…

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Ink Rust and Sawdust: Pies and Ties Priesthood Preview 2015 Ties, Ink, Pie, Sawdust, Tie, Lead, Portion, Rust, Priesthood Preview

Here are some pictures from the refreshment portion our 2015 Pies and Ties Priesthood Preview. I didn't ask Mama's permission to show this cute young man's face so he is a little cropped out, but he handed out programs before the meeting began. No time for a backdrop :( but used belt webbing, a bunch of ties and three command adhesive hooks to hang the tie bunting and tie wreath It was fun to see the boys faces as they came in and saw the refreshment table in the back of the Relief Society…

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"This Way Up": An Outline for LDS Primary Temple and Priesthood Preparation Meeting | Times & Seasons Ideas, Inspiration, Priesthood Preview, Lds Primary Presidency, Priesthood, Primary Presidency, Lds Primary, Lds Blogs, Act For Kids

I’m excited about this new meeting. I've created a sample teaching outline for Primary presidencies below, so if that's what you're mainly here for, scroll down. For those who are interested, though, here's how I'm thinking at this early stage about the deeper structure and future possibilities for this meeting. The pairing of priesthood power

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