Pressure points

Learn about the power of pressure points and how they can help alleviate pain naturally. Discover top techniques and tips for targeting specific pressure points for instant relief.
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You can cure just about any pain you feel in your body by simply applying some pressure to a certain point on your palm. There is an easy yet highly effective way to get pain relief in any part of your body without experiencing any of the possible side effects of conventional painkillers. It involves the use of hand reflexology, a method based on the application of pressure to certain points on one’s palms to alleviate pain. The principles of reflexology have led to the idea of finding the…

Debbie Kreviazuk
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The most common reason for a divorce is usually “our personalities didn’t match,” while the most common reason for being dismissed from a job is “I wanted it to happen.” But in both cases, a bunch of problems and mistakes are hidden behind those words. And though there have been many articles and a lot of research revealing mistakes in romantic relationships, the ’employee-employer’ relationship has still yet to be investigated thoroughly.