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Need April Fools Day tricks to play for kids and adults? We have fun April Fools Day tricks for kids and parents and we'll also learn about April Fools Day, including why April Fool Day is celebrated! We have the best April Fools pranks and ideas, April Fools jokes for this fun holiday, and even learning about the history of April Fools Day for students and April Fools Day lesson ideas.

Victoria Arteaga
Toilet, Save

When it comes to puns, people are divided into two groups: ones that adore them and people that loathe them. No matter which group you fall into, we believe that these punny pranks that were pulled by kids on their parents will surely put a smile on your face. Just recently, one pun-inspired prank went viral on Twitter and it inspired other parents to share the jokes that their offspring pulled as well.

Claire Sidwell