Pot belly pigs

Discover the adorable world of pot belly pigs with our top ideas and tips. Learn how to care for these playful pets and create a loving and happy home for your pot belly pig.
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Photo Credit: Will Thomas Kunekune pigs (pronounced “koo-nee koo-nee”) are great as pets, but only for the right people. After creating a lot of content around pet pigs and working with them myself, Kunekune’s have always interested me. Although they are not as popular as pot-bellied pigs, I actually believe that they are better than ... Read more

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Animals are remarkable , that they exhibit their intelligence in so many different ways. Animals can be quite often man's best friend and also the one who can save man's life. Its amazing how smart animals are and how instinctive they can be. We humans definitely do not give them enough credit sometimes.Below are a few examples that feature how some animals have saved people's lives.

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LuLu, the potbellied pig who saved her human’s life. | The 24 Most Heroic Animals In History Piglets, Piggy, Pet Pigs, Doge, Perros, Piglet, Pig, Fur Babies, Critter

When Jo Ann Altsman suffered a heart attack while vacationing in the Pennsylvania woods, LuLu, her housebroken potbellied pig sprung into action. After crying for a moment, LuLu broke through the gate of the mobile home they were in and ran toward the road. When a car would approach, the pig would walk into the road and lie down. Each time the car didn't stop, the pig ran back to check on her human and then back to the road. Eventually, a motorcyclist stopped and followed the pig to Jo Ann…

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