Portrait photography lighting

Learn how to create stunning portraits with the right lighting techniques. Enhance the beauty of your subjects and capture their essence with expert tips and tricks.
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Portraiture: 'Portrait In Night Lights' By Niccolò Cozzi, Italy

From film, to music to photography diverse art and artists have the ability to breath new life into every medium - this is evident when viewing the entries for the Sony World Photography Awards, "the most celebrated and diverse photography competitions in the world."

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4 Lighting Effects to Try: A Professional Portrait Photographer Shares his Light Staging Tips

While a lot can be done in post-processing, many photographers use studio lighting tricks while shooting to create some fantastic effects. Knowing how to correctly stage lights and how to use colorful gels effectively can help in achieving creative results. We enlisted the help of Felix Barjou, a professional portrait photographer to give us his tips on lighting and color. See how to get his results below and don't forget to check out his amazing light and color setup at the end.

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