Porcelain jewelry

Discover a wide range of elegant porcelain jewelry designs that are perfect for any occasion. Elevate your style with these beautiful and unique pieces that will make a statement.
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Sabina Pedriali
Rows of handmade porcelain rings on a white background. Some are round and painted in blue and white organic line work designs, and some are white and hand textured to look like coral. They all have some shiny gold details Bijoux, Fimo, Ceramic Jewelry, Ceramic Necklace, Ceramic Rings, Handmade Ceramic Jewelry, Porcelain Jewelry, Handmade Ceramics, Clay Ceramics

Rings! Porcelain ‘coral’ are one of the first ceramic jewellery pieces I made. And I think they are still my favourite 🙂 the hand painted designs came a little later, after I trained myself to be able to paint them neatly and how I wanted -ie to look like a wearable version of my paper artworks. . #ceramics #porcelain #ceramicring #handmadering #coralring #ceramicart #ceramiccoral #handpainted #katherinewheeler

Sabina Pedriali
Heart necklace, Porcelain pendant with gold, Heart-Shaped Pendant, white pendant, porcelain handmade jewelry, ceramic art, porcelain art, porcelain pendant Inspiration, Bijoux, Handmade Jewellery, Handmade Ceramic Jewelry, Ceramic Necklace, Ceramic Jewerly, Ceramic Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry, Heart Necklace

"The heart is the source of strength." Gentle white porcelain heart-shaped pendant with gold decoration. The perfect gift of love. Heart size 3,9 x 3,6 cm. One of a kind. The porcelain is fired from Carlsbad porcelain at 1400°C and the gold is fired at 800°C. The pendant is suspended on a gold plated stainless steel chain (steel plated with a layer of real gold). Currently the length of the chain is set to 60 cm + 5 cm extension chain, but I can shorten/extend the chain to any length for…

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