Pool noodle games

Take your pool fun to the next level with these exciting pool noodle games. From water tag to noodle races, discover the best games to enjoy in the pool with your family and friends.
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The "i-needa-name" Fun Outdoor Game!

I was driving past a church a few weekends ago and saw a slew of kids outside playing and the items they had in hand made me rush to the nearest dollar store and grab them up for my children. Items Needed: Beach Ball(s) Pool Noodles (1 for each child, if you want, you can cut them in half*) The total cost for this game was $6 - we bought 2 beach balls and 4 noodles. And I have lost count of the hours of fun that has been had since this purchase! It's really simple. Blow up the beach balls…

Phyllis Jernigan