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Discover mouthwatering pizza recipes featuring the savory flavor of pepperoni. Try these easy and flavorful recipes to satisfy your pizza cravings today!
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This quick and easy Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza recipe comes together in about 10 minutes, can be customized with any of your favorite pizza toppings and is the perfect kid-friendly dinner. How can you go wrong with crispy pepperoni, melty Mozzarella, homemade marinara sauce and fresh basil?

Lisa Dyer
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With this recipe I decided to pay tribute to a classic by putting a new spin on it. If your go-to pizza is often pepperoni then you have got to try this Pepperoni, Burrata and Basil Pizza recipe. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve hopped on the burrata cheese bandwagon yet, but trust me, it’s the...Read More

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Dive into the ultimate comfort food with this Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese. Each bite offers the perfect blend of crispy bread, melty mozzarella, and spicy pepperoni, all enhanced with a hint of pizza sauce. It's a quick and delightful twist on your traditional grilled cheese that will satisfy both pizza and sandwich lovers alike. Whether you're looking for a simple lunch, a quick dinner, or a way to please the kids, this Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese is your go-to recipe. Ready in just…

De-Ann Kent