Pinhole photography

Explore the art of pinhole photography to capture unique and captivating moments. Discover tips, techniques, and inspiration to enhance your photography skills and create stunning images.
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Ever since taking up a camera, I've been fascinated with capturing images that have a timeless quality. Over the years, I've experimented with vintage lenses and even attached an old Kodak folding pocket camera from the early 1900s to the front of my X-T1. Unlike many other photographers, I have no interest in capturing the most pristine image possible from a scene. I'm much more drawn to a sense of abstraction in my work, exploring the unknown and letting stories unfold from a single frame…

Brett Jackson

Alyson Belcher “My work combines pinhole photography with improvisational performance, and stems from the idea that everything we experience is stored somewhere in our bodies. Movement is one…

Margot Neraida