Photoshopped animals

Explore a collection of mind-blowing photoshopped animals that will leave you in awe. Be prepared to be amazed by these creative and imaginative animal creations.
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Animals and plants—or nature in general—have always been a huge inspiration to many artists across the world. But have any of us ever tried to imagine what these subjects would look like when combined? Well, a creative French agency called Les Creatonautes has been quite busy doing just that. This past year they have created a series of digital collages that combine sporting goods, animals, and edible objects all into one, and here’s the result.

Maxx Dean
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Digital collage artist Arne Olav Gurvin Fredriksen uses Photoshop to create strange—and often hilarious—hybrid creatures by mixing different animal parts together. A project that started purely as a hobby, Fredriksen began making his photo manipulations in 2012. Each “cross-breed” is posted on Instagram on a regular basis, where the artist’s 14,000+ fans can vote to name them. […]

Emi Davidson