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Explore a wide range of photo techniques to take your photography skills to the next level. From composition to lighting, discover expert tips and tricks to capture stunning photos that will impress everyone.
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10 Things Every Beginner Photographer Should Learn And Practice

If you're new to photography and aren't sure where to begin, use these 10 tips to discover what every beginner photographer should learn!

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Special Effect - How to Create Multiple Flash Exposures in a Single Frame

Many photographic techniques, rightfully, tend to focus on polished images. They vary anywhere on the spectrum from getting sharper images to capturing accurate skin tones. These techniques are important. However, sometimes they’re not very much fun. Sometimes, that’s precisely what you need to have, and exactly what photography should be – fun. This article will guide […]

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Stunning Photography Ideas You Must Try - How To Take Creative Travel Photos Like A Pro Photography Lessons Tutorials, Phone Photography Tutorials, Sports Photography Tips, Creative Photography Projects, Digital Photography Lessons, Dslr Photography Tips, Photo Techniques, Creative Photography Techniques, Train Photography

Stunning Photography Ideas You Must Try - How To Take Creative Travel Photos Like A Pro

Looking for travel photography tips that will help take your photos to the next level? Then keep reading! I discuss my top tips from over the years...

Tim Krajnik
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How to Freeze Motion in Your Photos Like a Pro

There are few things more frustrating than reviewing your photos after a shoot… and finding that most of them turned out blurry.Has that happened to you?You might blame yourself for not having your subject in focus. Or think there’s something wrong with your camera.But likely there is another culprit to blame.When you get unintentional blur in a photo, most times it is because your shutter speed was too slow to freeze motion in your image.Unless of course you're actually trying to allow…

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Understanding How Soft Boxes Work - PHOTONews Magazine

Sure, you know what a soft box is, and you may already own one, but it’s helpful to take a step back and get a fresh look at the world’s favorite lighting accessory. Some facts will confirm your assumptions, and others may surprise you, but all the information will be […]

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