Pet peeves

Explore the most common pet peeves and learn effective strategies to overcome them. Improve your relationships and create a more harmonious environment with these helpful tips.
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What are 3 of your biggest pet peeves? I have several pet peeves. Actually, the older I get the more pet peeves I get. I should try and stop that. My top 3 pet peeves: 1. People who respond to "thank you" with the totally inappropriate "no problem". What ever happened to "you're welcome"? 2. People that block the aisles in the grocery store . . . especially when the store is busy. 3. Negative people . . . ALL of them . . . which is why I need to stop having pet peeves.

Pam Hedden
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My friend and I were having a great conversation about pet peeves when we decided to expand the conversation to other friends and loved ones clearly out of sheer madness :). What did we determine? We are all a special kind of crazy. [Smile] Here is a list of pet peeves I've gathered that some consider to be the ultimate pet peeves (gross, nerve wrenching, etc.), but in some cases, I consider them to be down right funny. Enjoy... Brushing Teeth Outside of the Bathroom. My friend says most…