Percy and nico

Explore the unique bond between Percy and Nico as they navigate through the world of demigods and face thrilling adventures together. Discover the depth of their friendship and the impact they have on each other's lives.
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A collection of Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus memes & comics & some other stuff collected from different sources including my dam brain :) Warning: This book is only for demigods, not mortals (and I'm serious) ;) offense dear mortals. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. All credit goes to the respective artists. Anyways, Enjoy :")

Michael Roskosky
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....isn't it obvious?...the title says it all. Enjoy!!!! Non of the pictures are mine..duh. Please give me suggestions if you have any, I will try to satisfy your fanboy/fangirl needs to the best of my abilities *smiles* I'm in the process of adding banners to all chapters, but I'm lazy, so don't worry, I'll do day...=_="

Bianca Rocha