Penthouse garden rooftop terrace

Transform your rooftop terrace into a lush oasis with a penthouse garden. Discover top ideas to design a serene and stylish outdoor space perfect for relaxation and entertaining.
140 Stunning Rooftop Terrance Ideas and Design Tricks - Cozy Home 101 Outdoor, Terrace Garden, Layout, Garden Design, Rooftop Design, Penthouse Garden, Roof Garden, Terrace Design, Rooftop Terrace Design

Having a rooftop is fantastic because of its versatility. You can have a roof garden or create an area for relation at the same time. If you live in a compact place, especially in downtown areas of the city, you have the option of creating your garden on the patio. Below are 14 design tips for a rooftop garden and tips to get you started on having the best roof terrace garden on the block. Grow tall trees and plants Grasses and bamboos are a great blend if you are looking for a low…

Sandeep Vashist