Oven baked barbecue pork chops

Try our mouthwatering recipe for oven baked barbecue pork chops. These juicy chops are marinated in a flavorful barbecue sauce and cooked to perfection. Get ready to savor the amazing flavors of this dish!

The simple glaze on these Oven Baked Pork Chops add so much flavor to the otherwise boring pork chop. The sauce is a mixture of brown sugar, ketchup, and Dijon mustard. It makes the most delicious glaze and that thick slice of onion bakes on top of the pork chops perfectly

bubby howell
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Honey garlic pork chops recipe very delicious juicy and tender and tender. Here the sticky pork chops are perfectly seasoned, marinated and oven baked or grilled within 30 minutes. A perfect recipe for occasions like Easter, Christmas and also weekends. Check how to cook pork chops with honey garlic sauce.