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Oral Manifestations in Various Skin Conditions A great number of pathologic conditions of the skin have accompanying oral manifestations that may precede or occur concurrently with or independent of the cutaneous eruption. In general, such lesions do not bear strict comparison with the skin lesions, because of the considerable difference in moisture, temperature, exposure to trauma, lack of a keratin layer, and the presence of secondary infection. In the differential diagnosis the prevalence…

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Benign Tumors of Oral Cavity Tumors of the oral cavity are very diversified. Only a select few can be discussed here. A fibroma may be found on the gingiva, lips, palate, and buccal mucosa. It is hard or soft and pale or reddish, depending on the density of collagen and the abundance of vascular elements. The gingival fibroma (fibrous epulis) is usually derived from the periosteum. It is sessile or pedunculated, well defined, and slow growing. The papilloma is soft and pedunculated or, when…

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Advanced Bell Stage EO- Enamel Organ OEE- Outer Enamel epithelium SR- Stellate Reticulum SI- stratum Intermedium IEE- Inner Enamel Epithelium EM- Enamel Matrix CL- Cervical Loop A- Ameloblast ( showing Reversal of polarity) OEE Folds ( Invagination of OEE- Reversal of nutrition) DP- Dental Pulp OD- Odontoblast D- Dentin UMC- Undifferentiated mesenchymal cells DS- Dental Sac Contributed by Dr. Vimi Mutalik Advanced Bell stage by Vimi Mutalik is licensed under a Creative Commons…

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