Old hands

Discover how to embrace the beauty of aging hands with these inspiring ideas. Learn tips and tricks to keep your hands healthy and radiant as you age.
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- 1st Place Winner Theme Contest BW 76 and displayed on Front Page of 500x500 group. - 1st Place Winner Theme Contest: "Best Of #019" and displayed on Front page of "*500x500 -- Best Of" Group. - 1st Place Winner "5+ Showcase #10" and displayed on Front Page of Group Black Pearls. - 3th Place Winner Contest 261 and displayed on Front Page of 500x500 group. - 5th Place Winner WEEK 50 - 52 CONTEST and displayed on Front Page of SIMPLY YOUR BEST PHOTO B&W group.

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89 Year Old Hands Raise Money for Meals On Wheels. Enduring Comfort fine art photographic image, with the hands of 89 year old Genevieve Munson holding a bible, is used to raise money for the Meals on Wheels program in Sedona, Arizona. 100 % of all proceeds are donated in memory of Joseph Coates. - PR10242589

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