Old glory

Celebrate the timeless symbol of patriotism with these inspiring ideas to showcase the beauty of Old Glory in your home. Explore creative ways to incorporate the American flag into your decor and pay homage to the nation's history.
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I painted an Old Glory sign. It’s true Americans love being American and who doesn’t want to be a bit patriotic. The curved arch of this wood fits perfectly above the back door. A detailed close up: I found this piece of wood while I was out running one morning. The shape was perfect, I’m pretty... Read more

Margie Dodson
Meaning behind 13 folds of Old Glory Bikinis, Country, Tattoos, The Flag, Special Meaning, United States Flag, Flag, Military News, In God We Trust

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Most Americans have seen the traditional folding of the American flag, at specific events, such as funerals. Have you ever wondered why Old Glory is folded that specific way? Much more than just pomp and circumstance, each of the 13 folds holds special meaning. The flag itself: The portion of the … Read more

Tom Cooper