Old fashioned coconut cake grandmothers

Indulge in the nostalgia and savor the flavors of old fashioned coconut cake recipes passed down from grandmothers. Discover the secrets to creating moist and fluffy cakes that will transport you back in time.
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A Very Old-Fashioned Southern Coconut Icing

AT 85-YEARS-OLD, my Mother still loves to entertain. She had an Easter brunch for 16 people and when she half-heartedly invited me, she didn't think I would really make the trip. After thinking for a while, and talking to my husband about it, I decided, sure why not? With only three days notice, I made an 800 mile round trip which included driving twice through the sprawling hellscape of Atlanta. Everyone in the Southeast knows about "driving through Atlanta". The people who live in Atlanta…

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My Great-Grandmother's Coconut Cake Recipe

Old fashioned recipe from my great-grandmother to my grandmother to me to you! The elegance and decadence invoke warm memories of family gatherings, special celebrations, and Sunday lunches when special company was coming. Make someone feel loved and special by whipping up this old-fashioned layered coconut cake just because!

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Easy and Moist Southern Coconut Cake Recipe with Coconut Milk by Bobby Flay - Southern Foods Recipes

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Old Fashioned Southern Coconut Cake Recipe with Frosting

An old fashioned southern coconut cake that's moist and tender and made with coconut milk then topped with sour cream buttercream.

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