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Discover creative ideas to transform your old basement into a functional and inviting space. Upgrade your home with these renovation ideas for your basement.
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5 of the Most Common Basement Problems & How to Prevent Them - Sheffield Homes Finished Basements and More

Think of the last good scary movie you've seen, and more likely than not it included a scene staged in a creepy basement somewhere. What is it about basements that often brand them as ominous? Keep your basement from becoming the set for the next hit thriller by preventing the five horror stories outlined here:

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Old Basement Refresh, Phase 1

We started a major house renovation last fall. Part of that project allowed us to gain interior access to our old, original basement (our house was originally built in 1896!). Prior to the renovation, we

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Basement Renovation - Before & After — My Old Shoebox

This is the first installment of a very long overdue update on our now completed basement renovation. This is the forth round of renovation of our Old Town home that we moved into in 1994. When we moved in, we basically had a two story home with a second floor that was in rough s