Noun activities

Discover fun and interactive activities to help students grasp the concept of nouns. Engage your students with these hands-on ideas and make learning grammar exciting.
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I can't believe it's only Tuesday...Seriously? I already feel like I need the weekend for a break. Part of the problem is that it was my day for some of my Littles to take the WELPA. It's a language test for the ELL Littles. Don't ask what it stands for cause I really don't know. I am sure that I have been told in numerous meetings, but it didn't stick :) This afternoon, 13 of my Littles were pulled to take this test. The 13 Littles that weren't ELL stayed with me. It's one of those…

Cyndi Steel
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This was probably the best Noun Town my Firsties have ever done! They were super creative! We basically reviewed everything we have learned about nouns, then I just gave them the task of drawing a noun and labeling it. As we cut them out, they would decide where to place them. Then we would stand back, looking at our picture, and they would decide what else they thought the town needed! I especially loved this Spiderman! It was one of my favorite parts! I also loved the moon with the…

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