Nine patch quilt

Explore a collection of stunning nine patch quilt designs that will inspire your next quilting project. From traditional to modern, find the perfect pattern to showcase your creativity.
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I’m thrilled the quilter’s world is full of creative people! Take the Nine Patch block design for example, oh, my, goodness! Creating a simple “Nine Patch” is pretty self-explanatory ~ take 9 squares of equal size fabric (say 4.5"), stitch three together, 3 more together, and another 3 together, then stitch the 3 rows to make the block - clear as mud, I know! A simple 9 patch quilt can be stunning within itself! It's all about color and placement. I found these on Pinterest after searching…

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Hello and happy Thursday! I’ve been sewing some scrappy 9-patch blocks this week, and I realized that some readers might be interested in some tips on piecing this type of scrappy block. A scrappy 9-patch block was actually the first block I sewed. I made it into a pillow after sewing the nine squares together…and […]

Julie Sweere