Music lessons for elementary students

Introduce your elementary students to the world of music with fun and engaging music lessons. Discover top ideas to make learning music a joyful and educational experience for your young learners.
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Pass the Shoe is a fantastic song for practicing steady beat in the elementary music classroom. It's a short song with a catchy tune, making it easy for students to internalize. The accompanying game can be modified in multiple ways to fit nearly any age group and skill level.

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This post may contain affiliate links. You pay the same and I get a small commission. Yay! (Please see my/our full disclosure for further information.) Looking for simple and fun music lessons? These movement activities for 2-3 grade elementary music class are just the ticket! These lessons are for second and third grade. They will… Continue reading The Best Movement Activities for 2-3 Grade Elementary Music Class

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Do you use music in your classroom? I absolutely LOVE using music! I think it can help keep students focused and relaxed while working, I also think it’s great for classroom management, and I think it’s a wonderful motivator for students! Let’s face it… MUSIC can be quite MAGICAL in the classroom. However, for today’s post I am going to focus on how I use music to teach my students all about MOOD. {If you’d like a free copy of these resources simply click here.}You see mood is one of those…

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I love teaching this fun little folk song, “I’ve been to Harlem” a.k.a. “Turn the Glasses Over,” to my students! I learned the basic version of the song at my Orff Level 1 training a few years ago and have been playing with how to teach the lesson ever since.​ This year […]

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Games and musical activities are a fun and engaging way to introduce and reinforce new musical concepts and develop musical skills like listening, singing, expression, coordination, and internalizing a sense of steady beat.Today, I'm sharing a few of my favorite musical games and activities for elementary music classes, children's choirs, and elementary group classes.

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Looking for engaging, musical games to play with your students? Here are a few of my favorite games and activities for elementary music classes, children's choirs, and elementary group classes.

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