Moving pictures

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5 Personality Tests With Trippy Pictures"If you see it moving, you are under stress. Most children do not see movement in the photo.""Do you see dolphins, or something else? This one tests your innocence.""If the image is moving, you are under a lot of stress and may be emotionally unstable""Do you see a rose at first? Or do you see something else? This is another innocence/purity test""The faster the black dots blink, the more psychological pressure you're under."

John Otero
The highway shows movement. Because the road has action on it, with the moving cars and the lights it was taken sped up. Your eyes follow the picture into the distance. Motion Photography, Light Trail Photography, Movement Photography, Shutter Speed Photography, Blur Photography, Action Photography, Long Exposure Photography, Time Photography, Light Trails

This shot was inspired by Natureshooter. We were out here last weekend, but I wasn't really satisfied with the images that I came back with, so I went back out there the other night and tried again. On this night, the clouds were moving a little better, and I got my exposure dialed in nicer... Sigma 10-20 Polarizer

Courtney Miller