Movement meditation

Experience inner peace and mindfulness through movement meditation. Find inspiration and guidance to incorporate this calming practice into your daily routine.
-Enchanting retreat location near a wonderful beach, perfect for hiking, swimming, sunbathing and surfing. Wild running peacocks.

-Special breathwork meditation journeys for deep experiences, emotional release and healing

-Exploring different styles of yoga, mantra chanting and movement practices 

-All meals are included and incredibly delicious, organic, farm-to-table. Pizza oven night.

-Pristine freshwater lake, and the kind of hammocks you have been dreaming of Rum, Bali, Bedroom, Design, Interior, Dekorasyon, Haus, Bedroom Design, Interieur

Join keur's transformative Breathwork and Movement Retreats in epic locations like Switzerland, Portugal and Italy. Experience our holistic wellness retreats, offering a unique blend of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and movement to rejuvenate body, mind, and heart. Embrace personal growth and tranquility in picturesque settings, perfect for those seeking a balanced, mindful retreat experience.

Ana Ferrer