Moon moth

Explore the enchanting world of the moon moth and learn fascinating facts about its appearance, behavior, and habitat. Discover how you can attract these ethereal creatures to your garden and create a magical atmosphere.
Spanish Moon Moth, native to Spain and France; ...they are huge - their wingspan can be 2.5 inches to almost 4 inches wide!;  males have much longer 'tails' Draw, Ale, Wings, Moth, Papillon, Dragonfly, Dieren, Animaux, Animais

I know I did a post on these while back but IMO that post was ugh as in it wasn't detailed and for that I'm sorry. I guess you could say that I've grown posting wise over the years. XD :P So without further ado the info: At the end of April and beginning of May the moth begins to hatch after overwintering in the cocoon. Normally moths from the same line don't copulate, so it is the condition that different lines are in a not too wide range. After copulation the female lays about 100 to 150…

Jordan Jasinski