Explore the world of Monopoly with unique board game variations and discover strategies to dominate the game. Get ready to roll the dice and become a Monopoly champion!
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I've never been a big monopoly fan. But when scheming for something thoughtful to do for my boyfriend for our anniversary, all it took was my crazy brain and a long solo roadtrip, and I came up with a personalized monopoly board! If you're not the crafty type you could always let Hasbro do all the work for you here, but that will run you upwards of $120. Instead, buy a $12 monopoly board + supplies, you won't pay a fortune for a board game, and it's way more thoughtful! Here are the supplies…

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Today I have made a fun Free Printable Monopoly Like Board template and Play Money that you can use to make your own monopoly-like board game. These printables are a treat for DIY lovers. You can create a board game with the names from your neighborhood and create a fun game for kids. You can create a game to give as a birthday gift or Christmas gift and you can also make a game board for your grandkids by using[Read more]

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